22 August 2011

Out with the old, in with the new(er).

The Discovery didn't stay long. I've always wanted a Defender, which to me is the definitive Land Rover, and when I bought the Disco I knew I'd probably regret it. So when I found a Defender at an attractive price, in good condition and the type I wanted, a 110 double-cab, it was the end of the Disco.

It's a 110 Double-Cab Td5 XS, first registered in October 2005, with 70k miles on the clock. It's been owned by a farm in Suffolk and has obviously been earning its keep with a few bumps and scrapes - but it's a Defender and they look better that way. The XS spec. means that it has a heated windscreen and seats (which are part leather) and it also has air conditioning.

At the moment it is completely standard, but that will change: the spare wheel lives in the load-bed and takes up a lot of room, so a carrier for the rear will take care of that. It's also lost its 'tent' that it originally left the factory with somewhere along the line, so a new cover will be needed too. And I'm going to keep the winch from the Discovery to fit, so a new bumper and other bits will be needed for that.

And don't worry about the Disco: it's gone to a good home.

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