15 February 2016

The Misery of Buying a New Car

Last year tried replacing my ten year old Freelander with something newer, and the whole process of visiting dealers was thoroughly soul-destroying. I thought I'd found the one, but sadly not.

Most dealers are part of national chains such as Marshalls, Sytner or Jardine Motors (but they cunningly use different names over the door), which are only interested in selling as many vehicles as possible and not on the quality of those sales - the sales trophies on their desk testament to how many motors they can shift. Many's the time I've had the awkward situation where I knew more about the vehicle I was thinking of buying than the salesman did.

Once you've bought it, you find there are problems. Your expensive, nearly new car needs an expensive service. There are minor defects that need rectifying. Repeatedly. The dealer fits a defective part. The service department is booked up weeks ahead. And no, they can't lend you a car.

If you have problems with your car or dealer you might expect the manufacturers customer care line to come to your assistance, but no. Not their problem. Read the handbook. Take it up with the dealer.

The quest continues, but if I didn't need to replace my car I wouldn't bother.

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